Artists and Writers: They Played in the Game

Artists and Writers: They Played in the Game

Guild Hall Museum

July 15th-July 28th, 2013

Photos and text by Hanne H7L


The Guild Hall Museum (of East Hampton, New York) is celebrating 65 years of its renowned Artists vs. Writers softball game with a special exhibition, representing a cross section of the proverbial “who’s who” amongst the artists and writers who have participated in the game. Starting in 1948 with a pick-up game including the likes of Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline and Jackson Pollock, the game began to escalate into an all-out rivalry between an artists team and writer’s team, featuring the likes of Pete Hamill, Tom Wolfe, Kurt Vonnegut and recruiting artists of all other sorts, including famous actors, television personalities, pop culture icons and even politicians such as Alan Alda, Christopher Reeve, Dick Cavett, Abbie Hoffman, Bill Clinton, Rudy Giuliani and many more than one can even begin to name here!

Last weekend visitors were treated to an enlightening and entertaining panel discussion moderated by Ed Bleier featuring the writers team of Carl Bernstein, Fred Grover, Juliet Papa, Mort Zuckerman and artists team Leif Hope, Eric Ernst, Walter Bernard, Ed Hollander and Lori Singer. The good-natured rivalry went to such lengths as to bring up which tool should be on top in the crossed pencil and paintbrush emblem emblazoned on the shirts commemorating the game: pencil for writers or paintbrush for artists (the compromise of course, being 2 different sets of t shirts). Though the writers have consistently performed better at the game than the artists (who often brought in professional athlete ringers to better their chances), the score has never been kept track of carefully.

Though the show is not up for much longer, the softball game itself will be taking place at 2pm on August 17th in Herrick Field, East Hampton. It is surely not to be missed!


The panel of artists and writers at the opening of the show


Cirque de Chien (Circus of the Dog), Jack Dowd, 2009


Commemorative Quilt, Lynne Corwith Fraas, 2013. A & W shirts and hats designed by Walter Bernard since 1996.


Opium Poppy, Dan Rizzle, 2002.


Franz Kline and Ludwig Sander, 1950s (photographer unknown)


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