Ron Galella at Clic Gallery New York City 1.15.15

Book signing with Ron Galella at Clic Gallery New York City 1.15.15

“A Guide to the Paparazzi Approach”


Ron Galella, Paparazzi Extraordinaire


The Book contains 230 pages of many of Galella’s favorite iconic images and with the story behind each one.


Galella became famous for stalking Jackie Onasis

“My greatest photograph” says Ron Galella “about Windblown Jackie”.

Jackie had no make up or special hairdo it is just natural beauty.

Jackie Onasis was Ron Galella’s obsession. She was his Mona Lisa. Galella
even did a photo collage of Jackie as Mona Lisa.


Ron Galella stalkinig Marlon Brando wiith a football helmet. Brando had knocked out 5 of Galella’s teeth in a previous encounter.

It was not always easy to photograph celebrities such as Marlon Brando who without warning knocked out five of Ron’s teeth which cost Brando $45 000.  After Brando’s attack Ron started wearing a helmet with nose and mouth protection.

There was also less concern about security — this was before the murder of John Lennon— so celebrities employed fewer security guards.

As Ron Galella recounts, “The PR would set up a picture for you backstage —
… Afterward l got John and Yoko together in the corner, bounced light, beautiful.”

Ron Galella now 84 years old is still going strong and one gets the feeling
of a happy person who enjoys his life.


Hanne H7L 


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