The New Whitney Museum on Gansevoort street.

Photos and essay by Hanne H7L,


Renzo Piano the Architect and Adam Weinberg Director of the Whitney Museum


The new Whitney Museum

“One of the most important reasons for the architect’s work, which keeps us going and gives us the strength to continue our projects, is the idea of not creating buildings indifferent to the city, but meeting places, where people will get together and share their values.           Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano is the architect of the new Whitney Museum by the High Line in New York City.  Going through the museum it is enjoyable visiting the outdoor galleries as well as the indoor galleries. On fifth floor is a site specific installation


Mary Heilmann

“Sunset” created by Mary Heilmann which include a group of forty sculptural chairs to be used by visitors. Likewise most of the other floors have comfortable places to sit and enjoy the art, fresh air and the view, that is different from most museums.

It is very refreshing the way the art is exhibited in “America is Hard to see” (quote from Robert Frost) with paintings, photographs, collages, sculptures, videos and installations all mixed together. Also that, that famous artists and lesser known artists are hanging next to each other. I do hope that is a trend there is going to continue.


Bill Traylor’s water color of “ Walking Man”

I enjoyed Bill Traylor’s water color “Walking Man”,1939-42, Elizabeth Peyton’s painting of “Michelle and Obama”, Stan Vanderbeek’s photograph, probably from a Happening, and Jonathan Borofsky’s wall painting “Running People”, but also many others.


Man Ray


The opening of the Whitney will be marked with several events such as May 1 : Art from the exhibition will be projected on the Empire State Building and May 2 there will be a block party 10:30 AM to 9 PM.



Stan Vanderbeek





Elizabeth Peyton. Michelle and Obama. 1985, Oil on Canvas.


IMG_4653IMG_4652 IMG_4657IMG_4659

IMG_4662 IMG_4660


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