Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960-1971 at MOMA

Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960-1971 at The Museum of Modern Art, May 17- September 7, 2015. NowJournal Photos and commentary by Hanne H7L  www.H7L.com

In late 1971 Yoko announced an unauthorized exhibition of her work at the Museum of Modern (F)art as she titled it.  She advertised it in a magazin and on a limousine and it was stated that Yoko had released a multitude of flies which
the public was invited to follow their flight within the museum and across the City.
Yoko being an optimist believes that no effort is wasted even if it at the time could seem like that, now so many years later she has a well deserved One Woman Show at MOMA.
It is always fascinating to see and hear what Yoko does and did create years ago as she has her own way with things. She often get the audience involved and at times tries to improve the World like in John and Yoko’s Bed-IN for Peace in 1969
and Imagine Peace in Iceland.
The show starts with her very popular top floor Chambers Street Studio she rented in 1960. It quick became a center for innovative ideas in Art and Music.
At the end of the show Yoko goes back to ideas there started in her childhood from watching the Sky and the Stars “To See the Sky” 2015.

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