Linda McCartney / Mary McCartney:    Mother Daughter  

Posted on November 22. 2015

                      November 21-December 19,2015

Gagosian Gallery 

976 Madison Avenue New York NY 10075 212.744.2313

Photos and commentary by Hanne H7L

“My mother shaped my view of the world and inspired me to embrace spontaneity and capture the unforced. To show with her is such and honor for me and validates my journey as a photographer.” – Mary McCartney

It was a pleasure to meet and talk to Mary at the opening. She is a very nice and friendly person like Paul.

It was very interesting to see how Mary’s work often was an extension of Linda’s work as seen in Linda’s Cherries, Antigua 1970  and Mary’s  Tea and Rust, London, 2000.   Hanging next to each other, each piece is enhanced by the other.IMG_0923.jpg

IMG_0902 (1)

Mary McCartney and H7L


Paul by Linda


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